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  • Post Grids
    Core / Latest Posts Caxton / Post Grid Atomic Blocks / Post + Page Grid
  • Columns
    What ever headline should go here This is something like a screenshot that needs to be explained. This is something… Continue reading Columns
  • Qubely
    Qubely by Themeum provides you with downloadable blocks, you can import to your own site. There are free patterns or… Continue reading Qubely
  • Caxton Page Layout
    Caxton provides some advanced full page layouts sections to use for content creators.
  • Block Patterns / Layout
    Block Patterns are collection of single blocks combined into a section. The terminology is fluid right now, though and the… Continue reading Block Patterns / Layout
  • Gallery
    Examples of Core Gallery, CoBlocks Image Slider and Kadence Advanced Gallery. Image Slider Kadence Image Gallery

Caxton / Post Grid



Caxton Page Layout

Block Patterns / Layout


Image left or right aligned

The Cover Block

What’s new in WordPress 5.4!

Atomic Blocks / Post + Page Grid

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